Comparative study on regulations and standards for health food control (to be continued)

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    The comparative study was conducted on the regulations and standards in related with health food or health claim control in the countries or regions of Chinese Mainland, Australia, European Union, Japan, USA and Chinese Taipei, taking Codex Alimentarius Commission as reference. The analysis is focus on the similarities and differences on the part of the definition, legal status, the requirements for product composition and form and the procedure of safety and functional evaluation among these countries or regions, in an attempt to find out the background information and scientific evidence for the relevant regulations and standards. The administration patterns of health food or health claim by the authorities of individual countries or regions, i.e. whether it is a pre-market approval system or a preview (pre-market registered) system, been elaborated and analyzed. To the improvement of health food control system in China, some proposals and recommendations were made based on the analysis of the merits and defects thereof, and technical evidence was provided for the international coordination in the future.

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Zhao Danyu Zhang Zhiqiang. Comparative study on regulations and standards for health food control (to be continued)[J].中国食品卫生杂志,2004,(4).

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